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Finally hit me


Yeah, so, I was wondering when it would actually hit me, when I would realize we're shutting down the company and the routines and conveniences I've built into my current life are less than two weeks from being over.

I was okay when I told Doyle. Well, mostly okay: a brief tearing but that was all. I was okay when I told the person we're subletting the offices from we were shutting down the office. I was okay when I posted the office furniture for sale, and had people come to look at the desks. Who knew selling four desks would be so difficult?

I was okay when I told people at the Mischief EYE. I was okay when I told my mom.

I was not okay today. Too much time to think about it, not enough focus on the projects I want to complete in the next fews weeks.

I cried.

Doyle was good enough not to say anything until the moment had passed. "Don't look at it as the end. It's the start of a new beginning," were his words of wisdom when he finally did say something.

Yep. Close one door. Open another.

A new adventure.