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I managed to finish today's Velocity workout, even after Kris expressed hesitation and being able to complete the workout on time, before we started.

The workout was four sets of decreasing reps of:

Waiter walks 4 lengths
Ball slams
GHG situps
Ball up throws
Run 8 lengths

The middle three exercises had the decreasing reps, not the first or last. The reps were 21-18-15-12.

The waiter walks started with a weighted barbell push press to lift the bar overhead. With arms wide and elbows locked, we walked with the barbell overhead down the length of the turf and back twice, for four lengths. The walking length was 20 yards.

The only hard part of the waiter walks is the turning part. Well, no, not the turning part, per se, more like the stop turning part. Once the bar starts turning, the momentum carries it, making stopping the turn to start walking difficult.

Ball slams are done with a weighted, non-bouncing medicine ball. Breanne calls them D Balls, most likely from the D-Ball brand name. Start with the ball overhead and pull down on the ball as hard as possible. Continue the downward motion of the ball, while pulling then pushing down, into a squat. When the ball hits the ground, it'll bounce less than 6". When it does bounce, catch it (you'll be in a deep squat position, still), and stand up. Press the ball overhead and repeat.

GHG situps were done on a back extension machine. I have no idea what the second G stands for. The first one is Glutes. The H is hamstring. You anchor your feet pointing up, bar along the top of the feet, another (padded) bar under your butt. Lean back. Farther. Farther. Faaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrther. Great! Now sit up.

I did my first three sets on the machine to the right. Kris told me I should try the one on the left, it's harder. So, like a fool, I did so on the last set. The padded butt bar was about 2/3 of the way down my leg, on my hamstring, and, daaaaang, those situps were HARDER.

Ball up throws (or throw ups, as we called them) were done with a weighted ball, using only the arms. We stood straight up and threw them up into the air. The most simple of exercises.

Running 8 lengths was as normal. Not sprinting, thank goodness. I ran most of them with good form, but not all of them at top speed. I had a couple lengths that were just so hard.

Until I saw a classmate catching up. Then good form and quicker speed caught up and I ran more quickly.

I managed to complete the workout at 8:05, and make the 8:13 train to boot. Yay!