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New Year's 2008


As we have established as a now 4 year tradition, we spent new year's eve over at Heidi and John's, though this year it was Heidi, John and Adrian, the cute little boy whom we finally met. Somehow, I managed to convince Heidi and John to stand still long enough without baby in arms to take a picture of the four of us. To my surprise, it was not only centered, but also a good picture of all of us:

Bridge, Pei and Pei's brother arrived after we had eaten dinner. We were going to immediately kick them out of the house, but Pei bribed us with her handmade chocolate truffles. Did I mention truffles? Did I mention chocolate?

Yeah, we let them stay.

The scotch didn't hurt either:

After food and talking for a while, where talking for a while meant Heidi spent a half hour trying to put the baby to sleep and I spent half an hour working on, Kris and I forced everyone to play Perudo with us. Because everybody loves Liar's Dice, don't you know. No, really.

For a first time, everyone did well. Pei and Pei's brother dudo'd each other to death, leaving the rest of us to watch with full dice. Eventually the odds stacked against us (come on, how many times do 12 3s show up when there are only 16 dice?), and John and Bridget took Kris and I out. John ended victorious, but without a victory dance. So sad, that lack.

At some point, someone (I blame Heidi) managed to abscond my camera and take a picture of me.

I don't know how the camera continued working after that.

But work it did. For new years, I wanted a picture of all of us in it. Somehow, we managed a good picture on only two tries.

The first picture is pretty spectacular, by the way.

Happy new year! Looking forward to 2008. This will be a lot of fun.