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Megan showed me the site Smitten Kitchen a month or so ago. I added it to my semi-daily rotation (as in, read when I'm done reading the daily list and have some extra time), which means I read it every 2-3 days.

The recipes as of late haven't been particularly inspiring. Fennel infused? Add anise? No thanks. That's just as bad as sticking my head in a vat of licorice, which always results in copious puking.

No thanks.

One of the site's highlight images, however, is for some world peace cookies. They're chocolate, so, of course, I clicked on the picture. They didn't seem too complicated, I was up for adventure today, so I decided to try them.

The part where the recipe says "drape a kitchen towel over the stand mixer to protect yourself and your kitchen from flying?" Yeah, she meant that part. I didn't use a towel, thinking the plastic cover that came with my mixer would suffice. It didn't. Think I'm pasty white now? Yeah, well, the cocoa in the flying flour gave me a nice tan when it landed.

When I "turned the dough out" onto a board, I have to admit, it didn't look too appetizing:

But, well, there was chocolate in there! Bittersweet, no less! And, despite the fact I can't really stand any chocolate darker than milk chocolate, I was determined to get my antioxidants in for the day.

Yes, I eat chocolate for the health benefits. And that's the ONLY reason why. Reallly. *snicker*

So, I rolled the dough up into a couple 1 ½" logs and stuck them in the refridgerator to chill for three hours.

Three hours.

Okay, what was I thinking to try a recipe where I have to wait three hours to taste something chocolate? Was I thinking? Probably not.

About an hour later, Kris and Andy came home from some movie (matinees are before noon now, not 5:00 - what a rip). Kris went into the kitchen, opened up the fridge to get his coffee beans and cried out, "What is this in the fridge?"

I hollered back, "I took a dump and wrapped them up for you to see! Don't you love me now?"

Andy was humoured.

Yeah, so, those three hours? Didn't make it. I lasted two hours.

Fourteen slices, 12 minutes of baking and 10 minutes of cooling later (what am I saying? make that 3 minutes of cooling later), I had my cookies to try.

I'd like to say, for the record, that Deb is a genius.

Also for the record, if you want to taste a piece of chocolate heaven, head over sooner than later: they'll be gone by the end of Sunday.