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Run jump throw push


Today's velocity workout started out looking painful, and finished feeling painful. We went to the later morning class so that we could stop by Starbucken for breakfast, Kris being out of the nectar fiber of the gods food: oatmeal.

The workout was five rounds of:

60 vertical jumps
30 ball tosses
30 pushups
6 runs

The vertical jumps started with a single jump to place a bit of tape on the wall. After that, they were stand facing the wall and jump to touch the tape. I didn't realize that we could do these plyometrically, springing up as soon as we landed, bounce bounce bounce, and ended up pausing between each jump.

60 vertical jumps using all muscle and no physics = much much harder.

The ball tosses were also done facing the wall. WIth a medicine ball held at the chest, squat, then stand quickly, throwing the ball up against the wall, then catching it when it comes back down and returning to a squat position.

Pushups were normal. The runs were down and back, each length of 50 yards.

Kris managed to finish the workout. I managed three rounds. Three rounds of side stitches and near puking.

I'm going have to try to finish the workout tonight at the local school. Tossing a ball onto our house walls doesn't seem too smart from a structural integrity point of view.