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Unable to fathom


Yeargh. Okay, so, yes, I know they are only books, but this particular series of books has a way of completely and utterly annoying me. I cannot believe what a flipping moron Circe is, undoing 300 years of a reasonable law, because she is completely incapable of any kind of subtlety. Rather than negotiate and actually rule the country she finally managed to "conquer," she's a moron

The woman is a cow, except for the accident of birth.

I cannot wait for Danaerys to arrive. Come on dragons, bring it home!

Okay, so what up this time?

She (Circe) undid a law, thinking the group she released would attack her enemies, not realizing that she, too, could be a target. It kinda reminded me of certain Republican presidential candidates who are arguing for the removal of the Federal law allowing the right to choose to have an abortion. Several candidates believe the states should choose what abortion laws exist within their borders.

They believe that, by removing the Federal ruling, states will have the opportunity to write new laws regarding abortion. These candidates also believe all states will create stricter laws than are currently enforced, thereby restricting abortion availability.

What they cannot fathom is the possibility that states might create less strict abortion laws, granting greater availability. Hey, if my state won't allow it, let me travel across the border to this next state that will allow it.

Maybe these candidates get kickbacks from the travel industry?

Perhaps these candidates are the same who believe preaching abstinence will reduce teen STD and pregnancy rates. Hint: if they're going to have sex, they're going to have sex. Give them condoms to stop the spread. Telling them not to have sex isn't really going to work very well to stop the exchange of fluids.