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Wait 2 more seconds


Okay people, when I'm driving down a street, going the speed limit, because I never drive faster than the posted speed limit, and there are no cars behind me (much less no cars behind me FOR A MILE), do not (did you read that? do NOT) pull out in front of me or turn left in front of me.

WAIT FOR THE 10 SECONDS FOR ME TO PASS! There isn't anyone behind me, see? If you bother to wait those 2, 3, maybe 5 seconds for me to pass, I don't have to slow down and miss the next light, and you don't almost get a truck grill in your ass because you cut the turn too close.

See how this works? We BOTH manage to avoid an accident with no extra effort on either of our parts. Isn't that great?

I think so, too. Happy holidays!