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Wall space


I am totally running out of wall space.

I'm actually surprised this has happened. I never thought I'd own enough artwork that I actually like, such that all the walls in my house would have one of these pieces on them.

And that I'd have to stop buying artwork for lack of a place to hang it.

Let's see, I currently have the wall space in the guest bedroom, though I've commissioned Mom to make a piece for that wall. There's the wall in the bedroom, maybe two walls if we find something light enough that I'm willing to hang it over the head board (unlikely, but let's keep the options open).

There might be space in the livingroom, but not really.

I guess I'm down to the office. Time to clean out that office and paint the walls so that I have more space for artwork. The trick then is, of course, finding the artwork I love.

Yeah, that's always the trick.