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Car pulls left


On the drive to the workout this morning, Kris and I were a good ways behind another car in the car pool lane. We were chatting away, having a nice morning together on our way to the gym, talking about something or other of no importance.

As we came off the 85 N to 101 N ramp, the car in front of us suddenly veered to the left! Kris' reactions were quick as he let up on the gas, started for the brakes and reached to pull the car to the left, all to avoid the accident happening less than 50 yards in front of us, the veering car behind a large truck.

As we watched, the car lurched back to the middle of the lane and continued at the same speed.

What the? Kris and I were puzzled.

Until we realized the car had violently swerved to avoid a pothole in the road.

One that could be seen for more than the 50 yards we were behind the car. We were a little flabbergasted, but made light of the crazy potholes on the freeway, the ones that JUMP! out at cars, tackling them when the driver is least cautious.

Another mile or so up the freeway, a car merged from the 3rd lane into the 2nd lane, next to the carpool lane. We were still in the carpool lane, still behind the car that barely dodged the jumping pothole. Suddenly the car swerved again! This time to miss the car merging from the third lane into the second lane beside him.

Because, you know, cars are often more than a car width wide. You know.

We chuckled again, then watched in amazement as the car pulled left on its own, then swerved back into the middle of the lane, narrowly avoiding the truck two car widths away from it, merging into the third lane.

Kris turned to me, after giving the driver a little (okay a lot) more room, and commented, "Huh, the car pulls left."