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When I had my first migraine of the year, the headache lingered for a few days, as they often do. Andy had suggested some coca tea to help sooth the headache. I wasn't sure about the tea, in as much as tea contains caffeine, which may or may not cause migraines, so I declined.

At communal dinner this week, Crystal and Nick showed Kris, Andy, Beth and me pictures from their Christmas trip to Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos. At one point, she expressed how much she really liked the coca tea in Ecuador. She explained how the tea dilates blood vessels, usually stopping headaches.

Having spent the whole day with a headache, I was willing to try some coca tea tonight. Andy stopped by and made the three of tea.

Here's hoping it destroys the headache. I'd like to sleep well tonight.


Hey Kitt! Coca tea (spelled with an A, rather than an O - "coco" means coconut) is very popular in NW South America. My Peruvian dentist told me that it's very popular for people to drink when arriving to the higher altitudes because it helps with altitude sickness. The tea actually comes from the cocaine plant, which is why I thought my dentist was kidding when she told me about it. I've included a link about it below.


So, did it end up helping your headache?

Though the rest of me starting hurting from the rest of the workout after my head stopped hurting. :)

Thanks, Christina! Updated! :)