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Costco run


Went to Costco with Andy and Doyle after heading to a movie this afternoon. Going to Costco at 5:45 is not what I would consider going at an optimal time. If i have to wait in line, I'm not there at a particularly good time.

Doyle had said he wanted to go, so I didn't feel too guilty. Okay, that's not quite true. I felt a little awkward dragging Andy to Costco, too, since he hadn't agreed to go before we all carpooled to the movies. However, carpool we did, so he was along for the ride.

By the way, lower your expectations of National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Lower. Loooowwwwerrrrr. Lllllooooooowwwwwweeeeerrrrrrr. Okay, now, remember the suspension of disbelief might be difficult with this one, and go see it. Maybe. As a matinee. At a $2 theatre.

So, yeah, Costco. Off we went. We parked near the front door, which I never do. I usually park over by the Krispy Kreme where the tasty Hot Fresh Now donuts are, then load up on carbs at said Krispy Kreme before hoofing across the parking lot to Costco.

Neither Andy nor Doyle wanted any of the delicious sugar covered fat bombs, so I parked close.

Did I mention I forgot my camera again? I really need to stop that, because you might have seen a video of Andy's spectacular shopping cart ride into the Costco if I actually had my camera. Instead, you'll have to imagine it. This is what you should imagine: some crazy woman pushing a cart at a quick speed, with some slender man hanging off the side of the cart, barely leaning to keep it from tipping over completely to the left, while another man with a booming voice calls out to the woman to push off and just let go already. Which she does. Not that the man on the cart can actually steer the cart. So, she lets go, and the cart goes rolling, and the man on the cart needs to keep it both upright, and straight, lest the looming SUV to the left become a target.

No cars were injured in the filming of this escapade.

Once in the store, I made a straight line for the books, er, the laundry detergent, passing through a big stack of doggie beds on my way. Oooooooo! My dogs love these doggie beds! I thought, as I chucked a green one into the cart.

"Do you need that?" Andy, my corporeal conscience, asked.

"The dogs love them!" I answered.

"Don't you already have two of them?"

"Well, yes."

"Are you getting a third dog?"

"Well, no. Not unless I can convince Kris to get a 9" pocket beagle."


I put the dog bed back.

At top speed, losing Doyle and Andy about three times with my mad dash through the store, I managed to fill up my cart with toliet paper, toothpaste, laundry detergent and shaving gel - all items we needed, all items on my list, no items not on my list. I was as quick as I could be and as efficient, too, leaving Andy to wait for a few minutes in line as I retrieved the last item on my list. He was remarkably patient, given I think (I project) he dislikes being around crowds of people as much as I do.

Yeah, early morning probably would have been better, but not nearly as much fun.

Or as inexpensive. I saved $20 by not buying that bed.

And spent it on the $41 roll of stamps. Can't even buy stamps in low numbers these days at Costco.