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A month or so ago, I was looking for switch plates for the main bedroom in the house. I like a particular style of switch plates, purchased from a craft-fair vendor years go. We came across the same vendor in subsequent years, and purchased another few for the main bathroom. We haven't been able to find the vendor since, years since, but I had kept hoping we would. Hoping so much, that I bought hideous temporary switch plates for the room to ensure I keep looking - seeing them every day was painful. Eye-painful.

So, I found the website switchhits.com, I looked for the style I like. I looked around at various switch plate styles, coming across a striped style that was humourous and, in a jam, could work in the main bedroom.

Andy IM'd me just as I realized the style wasn't in stock in the size I needed. First thing I did was IM him the style, complaining it was out of stock.

kitt: Discountinued.
kitt: Bah.
andy: you need this?
andy: why does this exist?
andy: who wants this?
kitt: Better watch it - I may buy you switch plate covers...
kitt: once I've run out of places to put them in my house.

The very next thing I did was look for the most entertaining switch plate I could find, intending on sneaking it up when he wasn't looking.

It arrived yesterday, so, when I went to make dinner, I snuck the switch plate on his wall before he arrived home, wondering how long it would be up before he noticed.

Answer: seven minutes.

"There's a chicken on my wall."

"Yes, yes, there is."

"It matches. I think I like it."



"But... but... it's a gag gift."