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Getting organized - day 10


Today's cleanup suggestion makes a lot of sense:

Day 10 Flaunt your favorites. "Put things you use most frequently — your breakfast bowls and the go-to coffee mug — at a height somewhere between your hips and shoulders, " Lisa Zaslow says. Grandma's cordial glassses, on the other hand, can be stashed up and away until your next cocktail fête. Apply this idea to one section of your kitchen today, then gradually do it through out your abode.

... aaaaand ... is already in play in our house. I guess we're more organized than I thought.

Not that you can tell from our house.

Organized to me means there's a place for everything, everything is in its place, and those places aren't a jumbled mess. Of course, even with everything a jumbled mess, I can still find most everything in the house. Just ask Andy where the thermostat (and instructions!) were.

Ooooookaaaaaaay, I guess the kitchen can use some fixes, though, so I'll go ahead and try this. Everyone who's been to my house and seen my kitchen knows, owning one of every type of appliance (except the microwave and broiler) means there's a lot of cooking items in that kitchen.

A lot.