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Getting organized - day 12


Day 12 Power up. "Clutter often happens when you're unsure what to do with something or can't remember why you have it," says Erica Ecker, founder of The Spacialist, an organizing company in NYC. To avoid mystery jumbles, label chargers and cords with masking tape (e.g. Canon Elph camera) right when you get them. Date those you can't identify with tape, and stow them separately. If they languish anonymously for more than a yaer, toss 'em.

The fundamental idea of this suggestion is "make sure you know what you have," but also the golden rule from William Morris, "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

The specific suggestion here is to label your power chargers, though what nitwit would use masking tape to label their power supplies? Ugh, hello, nitwit-who-suggested-this, masking tape glue yellows and turns brittle with age. And that's after it gets all gooey from the heat of the powersupply.

No, don't use masking tape (retard who suggested that one, and I don't believe it was Erica - she gave the general suggestion, not the moronic specific).

Instead, use a silver sharpie!

It's permanent. It's visible on the black power supplies. It's perfect.

More importantly, no goo.

If you want, of course, you can use the black sharpie.

But, HEY! You can use the pink sharpie if you're adventurous!

Or, the blue one. Yeah, that one works, too, for the right power supply, like an Apple computer brick.

Who knew that getting organized could be so entertaining?

P.S. Thanks, Kyle and Emily, for inspiring me! I'm still cracking me up.


Kris says I look stoned in these pictures. Might be a new look for me.