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Getting organized - day 5


Okay, those loyal followers, and those humoured by my attempts to get organized, may have noticed a lack of organizational effort today, Day 5 of my 30 days to organizational success.

Well, I wasn't a complete slacker. During the necessary breaks, I managed to make the bed with Kris's "help." I spent 20 minutes decluttering the living room, where decluttering here means "shove everything into a box to look at later." I then turned all of the hangers in the closet back around (twelve days of Christmas, 30 french hens, all of which the beagles will eat), and decided to leave them.

Today's recommendation for organizing totally fails for me:

Day 5 Put workout gear on standby. Have your gym bag permapacked so [that] when the urge to exercise strikes (or that work lunch is cancelled), you can pounce. Include sneakers, a lock, toiletries and a water bottle, along with a sports bra, shorts and a T-shirt. Stash the kit in our car, or create two and stow one at home and another under your desk.

This fails because the exercise I do isn't exercise done on a whim. Ultimate needs at least another seven people to make it worth while. The classes I take at Velocity are at specific times, and require driving or training to the facility. Going for a walk requires little more than the sports bra that I'm always wearing (the mono-boob look is soooo in right now) and the running shoes I'm usually wearing. My office door is about 15 feet from my closet, so retrieving shorts is easy. My cleats are next to the door, should someone call me up and say, hey, wanna throw?

Though, an IM is actually more likely.

So, yeah, didn't do anything with this one, today. This getting organized is easier than I thought!