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Getting organized - day 8


Good thing these getting organized tasks have easy ones in the middle. Given they're building up, and I'm up to 7 organizational tasks each day (turning all of Kris' hangers every day is getting tiring), and I'm running out of work time with all of them.

Not really.

But today's is an easy one:

Day 8: Jettison junk mail. To prevent flyers and catalogs from ending up in a teeteringpile, station a recycling bin by the door and get rid of throwaways as they cross your threshold. "Treat mail s you would a suspicious intruder. Let it into your home on ly after you've vetted it," Walsh says. Place legitimate mail in a folder and deal with it once a week.

Years ago, I learned the trick of touching mail once. Each piece of mail is touched once before dealing with it. If it's a bill, it's opened immediately, check written (yes, I still write checks, I like writing checks!), envelope stuffed, flap sealed, stamp added. If it's junk mail, the envelope goes into the trash if it has a plastic window (which are retarded, by the way), any paper with my address on it goes into the shredder, and all other paper goes into the paper recycling bag.

If it's a catalog, well, the pages with my address on them go into the shredder, an the rest goes into the paper recycling bag. I'm currently working on the austerity program, and spending money from a catalog doesn't really work with the program. Chances are, if I don't have a gift certificate, it's not in the budget. It happens.

So, yeah, another easy day, since the suggestion is already a habit.