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Mini dev house


I missed last weekend's Super Happy Dev House for my first migraine of the year. I was planning on finishing up the code for the launch of, a site that would help people (read: me) give away crap instead of throwing it away (and having the items end up in the already too full, already too large, already a burden landfills). Essentially, streamline the freecycle process so that more people would be interested in giving away crap instead of throwing away crap (hey, if you're throwing it away anyway, why not give it away?).

Instead, I spent the day in bed, and the weekend fighting a headache that wouldn't go away.

Midweek this past week, I complained to Kris about the lost opportunity to crank on the site and launched. More like whining than complaining, actually, and more like lamenting than whining, as I wanted to use the site to get rid of a bunch of my crap in order to reclaim the garage and office. (Goodness, quite the run-on sentence there. I'll take full artistic liberties and leave it in, instead of making it a proper sentence, or four.)

"Are we doing anything this weekend?" Kris asked me.

"Not that I know of."

"Are we both here this weekend?"


"Let's have our own code-jam weekend, then. I'll work on FBA, you work on mycrap*."

"Whoo! Okay!"

So, here we are, Saturday morning. Kris is at his desk. I'm at my desk. The dogs are in their beds behind us ("... have to stay with the pack!"). Intarweb connection working. Freezer stocked full of easy-to-heat, easy-to-eat goodies. Fridge stocked with beer and colas (and Odwalla Citrus C Monster for me!).

Best part - the JW Gold from Ben waiting for the end of the weekend for us to celebrate.

* "mycrap" is the original website name Kris and I came up with a couple years ago for this project, which is a combination web-lend program and freecycle-enabler program. We could get only the, and not the .com name, which is why I switched it to rereuse for this part of the project. I'll probably roll the two of them back together for the domain, if I launch the second part later.