Monday's workout


Somehow I managed to wake up this morning to go to class with Kris. I think it's the first time in about a month I've managed to go. Given how much I hurt this afternoon, I'd have to say I shouldn't have waited so long.

This morning's workout was three rounds of:

10 squats with weight
20 each leg of inverted hamstring Ts to one legged sprinter's stance
30 GHG situps
8 x 50 runs

The 10 squats with weight were standard squats with a weighted barbell across the shoulders. I managed just the barbell in my squats. At least it was the heavy barbell. The squats were lower than Kris normally goes, but my normal depth, with hamstrings parallel to the ground.

I should have realized when Breanne emphasized the hamstrings in the first exercise this was going to be a hamstring focused workout.

I couldn't really figure out how to name the inverted hamstring Ts to one legged sprinter's stance exercise. Start standing on one leg, bend over at the waist, keeping the upper body straight, to touch a cone, forming a T with the outstretched arm and the backward leg. Then, stand up, staying balanced on one foot, bringing as the back leg forward, knee up high. The stance is very much like a sprinter's running stance with the high knee and opposite arm up. That's one. Do 20 on one leg, then 20 on the other leg.


The 30 GHG situps where on the back extension machine, but face up. The situps are supposed to be from way low (Breanne does a backbend to where she's nearly looking over backward at the floor), all the way up. The closer the two machine pieces are together, the harder the situps are. I moved the two pieces close. The situps were hard.

My only thought on the 8 x 50 runs was, "Thank goodness they weren't supposed to be 8 x 50 meter sprints." My legs were tired after the third round.

Kris managed four rounds during my three rounds, but I was happy to finish the three rounds in the class time.

I took the train back south to Sunnyvale after class. I had breakfast/brunch/lunch in downtown Sunnyvale, and spent some time working in the morning at a cafe. I couldn't justify staying longer than an hour or two, though. I felt I should buy more food to use the wifi longer. I was probably fine, as I've seen people site at that cafe all day before, and there were other people there before and after me. I didn't feel comfortable with it, though. Maybe I'll check out the library later this week.

I did see one of my city's councilwomen meeting with various men at the cafe, listening to them for over an hour. I was impressed.

After a while, I decided to head home. I packed up my bag and headed home. The walk home is only 2.4 miles, but my bag was way too heavy. I had reduced the weight before leaving this morning, but just didn't take enough weight out. I'll need to reduce even more. Maybe carry 2 magazines or a tech book, not both?