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Random thoughts


My sides hurt.

My office chair is too small for both me and Bella to sit on at the same time.

Crystal commented to me last Friday that my new work schedule is, "Just like college!" I had just mentioned how I was enjoying my days, working among various activities, heading to the gym or off for a dog walk when I wanted to, without worrying too much about the schedule per se. I'm still worried about deadlines, and I still have calls and appointments to keep. The day to day schedule is pretty nice, though, because I can choose to go for a walk, end up at the library and work from there.

You know it's cold in your house when you use your laptop actually on your lap to stay warm.

Did you read that? My sides hurt.

Annie isn't any better, even after the week of drugs. She's nearly unable to walk the 1/2 mile loop we have around the block. I'm starting to worry about her, which is saying something. I usually don't worry about indestruct-a-doggy.

Hasn't rained in a week. Might be time to start working outside again.