Walky walk


I dashed up to Velocity Sports today. Last week's migraine, coupled with Wednesday's flu, knocked me out sufficiently that my 12th new year's resolution of exercising 30 minutes six times weekly was in serious danger. I didn't want to go this morning and have my butt handed to me by Breanne, but I still wanted to go to something. Lunchtime seemed better than the evening, so, off I went.

I'd like to say I try to keep an open mind with instructors who aren't Breanne. I do try. But, darn it, the classes just aren't the same with the other instructors.

We started with an abbreviated, short distance warmup. Instead of lots of jumping jacks, followed by 40 yard sprints of various, increasing speeds, alternating with dynamic walking stretches, we did shorter distance (15 yard) skips and jumps. It didn't feel as thorough as our normal warmups, but we also didn't have any all-out sprints, so the warmup seemed okay.

The workout was 2 rounds of

  • One legged squats with weighted ball toss, which the instructor called get-ups.
    With a partner, each of us would do one legged squats onto a jump box, alternating throwing and receiving a medicine ball at the top of the squat. So, holding a medicine ball, do a one-legged squat, stand up, throw the medicine ball sideways to your partner, do an unweighted one-legged squat, stand up, receive the medicine ball back from your partner. We did one leg for a minute, then the other leg for a minute.
  • Farmer walks
    With weight plates, one in each hand, walk 30 yards, set the plates down and do 5 push ups. Pick up the weight plates again, walk back 30 yards, set the plates down and do 5 burpies (stand, squat, hands on floor, thrust legs out behind into a push up position, do a pushup, pull legs back up to a squating position, spring up into a jump, repeat). Pick up the weight plates again, walk back 30 yards and do 5 V situps.
  • Squat throws to bear crawls
    For the length of time another group was doing the farmer walks, take a weighted, non-bouncy ball and, from a squat position, push up and throw the ball as far as you can. Then, squat down, putting your hands on the ground, crawl hands and feet to the ball. When you get to it, stand up, pick up the ball, and do it again.

After the two rounds, we also had bungee cord sprints, where we ran forward 10 yards with a bungee cord strapped to our back, touched a cone, and ran backward to the starting point. We sprinted forward and backward for a minute each.

Because we had an extra minute, we also did wall squats, while singing happy birthday to another person in the class. I tried to have everyone "sing" a shreekenade, but everyone sang in key.

Except me.

I should be embarrassed.

I wasn't.

I stopped by Kris' work on the way home and "convinced" him to head out for a coffee, while I had a hot chocolate. It was pretty wonderful, seeing him during the day.