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Back on track


I missed yesterday's sprint workout. I was both so burned out from working so hard from Monday morning straight until Tuesday night, which actually meant sitting on my ass for near 27 of those 38 hours, and good lord, does my back hurt.

Since I can't cram for fitness, and let's face it, running for 42 minutes on one day and sitting for two days straight doesn't exactly lend itself to good health, I decided to head out for my sprints.

That, and the fact that 20 minutes before, I realized that I was both still in my pajamas at four in the afternoon, and very, very smelly. No sense in taking a shower before sprinting, only to take one after, so off I went to run.

Today's workout was:

1 stinker, 2 stinkettes, 4 suicides

Once again, I so way did not want to go. I don't know why this is. It's a workout course that I committed to. I guess committing to something and actually wanting to do something are two different things. I don't WANT to do the sprints, but I DO want the results of the sprints. That's what keeps me heading out to the fields and running sprints.

Well, that and Kris' encouragement and Andy's inspiration.

So, the first run was hard, but good. I attribute the difficulty to my attrocious eating habits as of late: good food, just fewer than 1800 calories a day of it. The second run, the first stinkette, was okay, but nothing to brag about. I managed the first few down and backs of the second run before my right foot cramped from the laces being too tight. I stopped, loosened the laces, and started back up again.

Unfortunately, I didn't count the number of stinkettes I was running, and ended up running 3 (and that half). It was only after I finished the third one when I realized the time on my watch, indicating I had run 3 (and a half) and not two.


The four suicides became difficult after my knee started hurting. I had an A.R.T. appointment yesterday, where the doc worked on not only my right hamstring, which has been REALLY bothering me as of late, but also my right shoulder (from THE layout), and my left knee, which has been stiff.

I managed to get my money's worth on that appointment. However, my knee was bothering me during the last three suicides. I had to adjust my cutting style to minimize the pain.

Not that it helped much. I was struck with the worst cramps when I was done sprinting. It reminded me of menstrual cramps, but much, much worse. Like, not able to stand up worse. Not sure I'm particularly pleased about that type of pain, actually.

So, back on schedule with the sprints. Yay, near consistency!