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Day of cosmic significance


What the heck is it with March 2nd that every single freakin' event is happening on that day? It's clearly a DoCS day: Day of Cosmic Significance. There's some City event I want to attend.

There's the travel for the Drupal conference, which I am attending. There's the SFUC final tournament. There's Mischief's first sponsored pickup on Sunday (and why is every single elite team sponsoring pickups this year? Is it because there aren't enough players to go around any more?).

There's a Master Gardening event that day. And a project due that day, which means I need to get it finished by Friday. Did I mention the college ultimate tournament this weekend? No, I don't think I did. The tournament for which I can't go to both days, and Kate isn't available for either day.

Oh, and it's one of my sprint days. Can't cram for fitness.


Oh, I just realized what it is, and why it's important.

It's Heather's birthday.