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Keeping up


Tonight's workout was supposed to be

8x20, 6x40, 4x50, 4x90

I say "supposed to be" because I really didn't want to do the sprints. I whined to Kris about them: couldn't I just run 7-5-4-4 like last time? Maybe 7-5-3-3 instead, like last week? I mean, really, who would notice? Seriously, who?

Kris offered a compromise at 8-5-4-3, if I really didn't want to do the full workout. He offered it, but didn't REALLY seem to be enthusiastic about it. I mean, come on, how much different is 8-6-4-4 from 7-5-4-4? I'm already doing the hard stuff with those extra 50m and 90m sprints, what's a few more 20m and 40m runs? I mean, come on!

Yeah, well, he was right.

Because, that's what I ran: 8x20, 6x40, 4x50 and 4x90. Those last two 90m sprints were HARD. Gah.

FInished in 24 minutes.

Just in time for practice, but not in time to avoid having the team see me running the last few sprints. Why oh why couldn't they have seen me at the beginning of my sprint workout? Like, say, when my legs aren't exhausted?