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I walked into the kitchen today to hear the rain falling in a much different way than I'm used to hearing it. Instead of the usual falling rain outside the window and the rain spout from the gutter noise in the distance, I heard a small waterfall out the kitchen window to the back.

Confused, I put on my rainjacket, wandered into the garage for the ladder, and outside to find the cause.

Just outside the kitchen window is a gutter seam. When I stuck my hand in the gutter, it was full to the top with water and leaves, and overflowing at the seam. "Great," I thought. "Just great. Our gutters are clogged. Lovely."

I climbed down off the ladder, folded it back up, and put it back in the garage. I wandered back into the house, to the office where (I know, I know, you'll be shocked at this part) Kris was playing World of Warcraft (surprised, eh?). "The gutters are clogged. I'll clean them tomorrow."

"Uh, okay."

I'm not sure Kris really registered what I was saying.

As I walked back into the kitchen, I thought about the situation for a bit. We don't actually have any trees around the house that could be leaving leaves on the roof that would fall into the gutter.

I put my jacket back on, grabbed my camera and the ladder and went back outside, this time to the rain spout. I went to the one next to the powerlines, not sure why I went to that one, but I did.

I stuck my hand into the spout and realized there was something in there. Only a little weirded out, I grabbed hold. And pulled.

I had about 2 seconds to pull out my camera before I was completely drenched by the downpour out of the seam from the gutter. I really wish I had a rain barrel or underground cistern to hold all of this water. Maybe the next house will be more water savvy that this one.