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Wrong parts of Kris


Kris likes to arrive at airports early. In contrast to this desire to arrive early to the airport so that he can go through customs, er, security stress free knowing he has lots of time to make it through and saunter to the gate, he likes to be the last one on the plane. He wants to board the plane, find his seat, sit, and pass out. Why he can't do this when people are still boarding, I don't know.

As a result of the former Kris quirk, I've started arriving at airports earlier and earlier. I don't particularly mind, as I can write or read when I'm sitting at the airport, it's just a strange way to travel: less stressed. I'm used to being late and being stressed.

So, today when I was trying to figure out what time to leave the house to arrive at the Girls In Tech (a Drupal site!) Negotiations Workshop on time, I budgeted a certain amount of time to grab food, drive to the train station, buy a ticket, make the train, train to the City, walk to the location and sign in on time. Unfortunately, I budgeted TOO much time, made an earlier train, walked faster than I expected to walk, and arrived before the volunteers at the front desk arrived. No one to sign me in.

Adriana Gascoigne, one of the lead organizers, was kind enough to point me the way, and off I went.

I'm here, by myself, wondering, crap, is way early better than slightly late?