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I'm not sure what it is with seats on this trip, but I've found my self leaning away from peoplein pretty much every sesat I've sat in since I left the San Jose airport yesterday.

On the flight out, I was the small woman sitting next to a large man. This meant, for all you non-small woman folk out there, I had about 75% of my seat, and the guy next to me had 25% of my seat. He didn't seem to notice that his elbows frequently nudged my side, or that I had splayed my elbows when he returned from the lavatory. I'm not sure why large people seem to miss their space issues around smaller people - maybe they think the smaller pesron doesn't need the space?

So, today, at the conference, I was sitting in a presentation, happliy placed between two empty seats, when another participant showed up and asked if the seat next to me was taken. No, it wasn't, so he sat down in the chair.

Except he nearly sat in my lap.

He then proceeded to pull out his computer (naturally, and expected, as I already have my computer out), and started typing on it. Except he shot his elbows out when he started typing, like a little chicken wing. Eh, I'm not sure, but there seems to be something non-ergodynamic about programming with your eblows near your ears.

So, I leaned away from this guy, too.

As near as I can tell with trip, I'm going to have to start throwing elbows, too. If I don't, my back is going to be way torqued at the end.