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Yeah, I know that, too


How much must it suck to discover you can't bullshit a coworker in a different department at work?

A client of mine works at a large enough company that the company has its own IT department. We were adding a new website for the company, and needed a new host added for the company (which means, Mom, you can go to as well as - the "newhost" and the "www" are host names for the domain

The client requested the host name change, which the IT department provided last week. The IT department then messed up and reverted the change at some point, losing the new host name. This was after my client had announced to various places the new site, at the new host name, was up. So, now the new site is down.

So, the client contacts the IT department and nicely says, "WTF? Put back the host name, please." The IT department responds with a "We did. It'll take a day to notice the change." Except, they didn't. How do we know? Well, my client looked up the information. If you know where to look, you can see the updated changes as they are saved. The IT department made the changes, took back the changes, then didn't put them back again when requested.

And were caught.

My client called them on it. Using the IT department's own tools.

How much must it suck to discover that, hey, yeah, your coworkers know how to do your job?

They just don't want to do it.