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It's a test!


I'm sure this is a test.

Or maybe a kick in the seat of the pants?

Kris and I arrived home on Friday evening from Alex's second birthday party to find three lovely roses in an upended cone on our doorstep. The fragrance of them reached all the way to the cars in the driveway, and was quite nice.

There was no note, nor any other identifying information about the roses. I have no idea who left them on our doorstep. I have my speculations (Hi, Crystal! Hi, Nick!), but think that it might be some fond reader's way of saying, "Hey, start writing again, will you? I have no idea what's going on in your life and IT. IS. KILLING. ME."

Yeah, exactly like that.

So, like my mysterious pumpkin delivery, this is another mystery unsolved.

For the moment.