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Megan and Kris will get this


From an application on Facebook, where you can create buttons/flair for your profile, I came across this button, and laughed:


Someday my sparkley.......will come??

"someday, my sparkley vampire will come" is a reference to the Bella Swan series, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse. They're a series of sixth grade romance vampire young adult books that had critical acclaim, but were fundamentally a bunch of crap he's-so-perfect, I'm-unworthy words for 95% of the book, and plot for 5% of the book. I bought them on audio CD for Kris, who listened to them, but wished as much as I did that his CD player had a play-at-double-speed-because-this-part-sucks function.

Poor Kris. Would that I hadn't tortured him so with them.

Book 3 arrives today.

Thanks for the translation.