Tuesday's workout


Today's workout was three rounds of thirty seconds of the five stations of:

supine rows
jump rope
ball slams
partner swiss ball pass

The pushups were normal pushups. The supine rows were the same as last time, as were the ball slams and jump ropes, all normal. The partner swiss ball pass was differencnt, though, a new activitiy.

Two partners lie on the ground, in a line, with their heads nearly touching. A swiss ball, the big inflated, exercise ball starts between the feet of one of the partners. She lefts her feet up, to move the ball to her hands. The movement continues, and she passes the ball over her head to her partner's waiting hands.

The partner then passes the swiss ball to his own feet, which are lifted up toward his chest. After passing the ball to his feet, the partner then lowers his feet to the ground so that the ball touches the ground. He then lifts the ball back up to his hands, starting the sequence again.

When the ball is with the partner, the person without the ball is to keep her legs straight and lifted 6” - 12” from the ground.

For the most part, the workout was doable, even at a higher intersity. I was excited to be able to complete the workout without stopping more than twice.

After the workout, we had more than five minutes left in the workout out, so the coach suggested we play calvin ball, er, mud ball.. The coach picked two people to pick teams: a 6' 10" guy, and a 5' 3" woman. The 6' 10" began by selecting the 6' 3" guy for his time. The 5' 3" woman chose the 5' 2" for her team. The trend continued with the tall guy picking the 6' woman in the class, and the short woman chosing another short woman. The tall guy selected the short guy remaining, who was only 5' 11". I was selected by the short woman to round out the short women vs the tall men team. As I was picked last, I couldn't help but think, "Oh, for the love of ... don't pick me."

Unsurprisingly, we completely crushed. No, we were worse than crushed. That game was so bad that the other team managed to pass the ball back and forth among themselves six times (for a win) in less than 15 seconds in most cases. Heh, "most cases." The five pushups we had to do for losing took longer than losing the game in the first place.

Even 5 on 4 when the coach joined our team didn't help, we were that bad.

Next time, I'm sitting out again.