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Wednesday's workout


Whenever Kris and I decide to go to the lunch class at Velocity, I'm always a little worried. Work has a way of taking over a day, as I well know, with lunch time as the most vunerable.

So, when Kris wasn't at class at 12:00 noon, nor at 12:05 pm, nor at 12:07 pm, I was (reasonably) concerned. He did show up, and, boy, was I relieved.

Today's workout, on top of yesterday's workout, was:

6 sets of 8 squat throws
6 sets of 6 single leg box squats (each leg, so 12 in a set)
4 sets of 8 dumbbell curl to press
3 sets of 10 deadlifts

The squat throws were as they sound. Start with a medicine ball on the ground, holding it between two hands when standing in squat position. Jump from the squat positing, lifting the ball and throwing it into the air as you jump.

The box squats were regular single leg squats, but done while standing on a jump box, to allow a greater depth in squatting, without causing the knee to go too car over the ankle (an act which puts too much strain on the knee joint).

Dumbbell curls were normal curls, fluidly followed by a press. I used only 10# weights. It was a good weight.

The deadlifts are what taxed my hamstrings. Basically standing with only the bar (but what a heavy bar it was!), bend over at the waist, pick up the bar and, keeping the legs straight, stand up.

We played Calvin ball after the workout. My team lost again, but at least it took us a while to lose, thanks to Kris. He may be short, but at least he knows how to play the game.