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And there was much rejoicing


This morning, as I was working, trying to finish up a few tasks, Dad came into my room, practically dancing, and definitely doing a jig.

"They finally did right!" he exclaimed. "The only thing bigger was that they freed the slaves!" he cheered, to the much confused expression on my face.

He eventually explained that a case in the Supreme Court had been heard, and the courts rules that an individual does have the right to own guns, as well as keep said guns in his own house. The case revolved around a security officer in Washington DC, who was required to carry a firearm when he was working, and legally prohibited from carrying one once he left work. The same man both required and denied the same gun, depending on, oh, the time of day and the phase of the moon maybe?

I'm sure Kris is going to be upset about this ruling, what, his being as anti-gun as a person can be and still be married to me. Some day I'll actually get him to take a firearm safety class, but not in this decade I suspect.

Dad was pretty happy though, smiling and talking about the ruling. The DC law has been overturned. I wonder how long until the rest of the other unconstitional laws will be overturned, too.