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I miss Kris


I miss Kris.

Is it really possible to miss someone you live with, are married to, this much?

I mean, I wake up next to him in the morning. I kiss him good morning in the morning. I kiss him good bye as he leaves for work. I kiss him hello when he returns from work. And! I kiss him good night before the first of us goes to bed in the morning.

Yet, that seems to be the limit of our interaction as of late.

He doesn't do his half (1/3?) of the chores any longer. He doesn't walk the dogs any longer. He doesn't put away the dishes or fold the laundry, or even put away his clothes that I've folded.

He plays World of Warcraft. And that's it.

Oh, no, wait, he goes to work (where I don't see him). He goes to Velocity with me (when I go).

God, I cannot explain how much I miss him. It's like his body is here, somewhere, but I'm alone.

I haven't been this alone in over ten years.

I hate that game.