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Push jump up run


Today's workout was three sets of

Sled push
25 box jumps
25 push ups
25 barbell V-ups
Run 6 lengths

The sled push was bending over and pushing a weight sled (with weights!) down 20m, turning around and pushing it back 20m. I had a 45 pound weight on my sled. Kris had 55 pounds or 70 pounds, I think 55, with a token extra 10 pounds.

There's some technique to the sled pushing. The handholds are about 8" from the ground, so you're at an angle when you push. You can honestly just walk the sled down, or you can push off hard, bringing your knees to your chest as you push hard and quickly. I did the latter for five lengths total, but did walk it down one length to count my steps on walking. When I push walk the sled, I have over 30 steps to push. When I go all out and push run with the sled, I have 17 steps to push. When I go my normal speed, I'm about 21 steps to push.

Somehow, the more intense effect seems smaller than the relaxed, "lazy" effort.

I did the box jumps at a lower height than I normally would do. My knees have been bothering me as of late, and I chose not to tweak them by landing at a higher height that would require more knee bending with weight. I'll be starting back up the "Sky's the Limit" vertical leap training, not because I'm working on increasing my vertical (though that will be nice) but because my knees felt the strongest after completing that program. Even Kris agreed when he said, "I didn't feel like I jumped any higher, but jumping my normal height was easier."

I did the pushups modified from my knees. I feel the strength building in my chest, so I may need to go back to regular pushups soon.

The barbell V-ups were done with the full barbells, though with no weights. Lying supine (on your back), the bar was lifted so that the arms are perpendicular to the ground. Then, moving the barbell slightly (maybe 30°?) back over the head to start a V-up, the bar was moved back toward the abdomen, keeping the arms straight, as both legs are brought up straight to a vertical position (so the barbell nearly touches the knees, legs pointing stright up). The legs are brought back down so that the feet are about 6" from the ground, and the barbell extended back (eh, over shoulders/head). That's one. Do 25. I did only 15 in a set.

Each length when running six lengths was 40m. I had new shoes, so ran it at a quick pace, so as to test out the shoes.

Ooooooo, were they comfy!

We had five minutes at the end of class, so we did additional ab work on swiss balls.