Velocity, sans Kris, with Paul


I went to this morning's workout without Kris. For reasons I don't understand, hard workouts make me sore starting less than 12 hours after the workout ends, but Kris doesn't start feeling soreness until 24 hours after the end. Of course, this means that he's still sore two days after the workout, and I'm on the way back to full recovery.

So, he was tired and sore, and I really wanted to go. Paul goes Wednesdays and Fridays, so I was motivated to go. Honestly, I'm sore, too, but consistency is key, so go go go!

This morning's workout was four sets of reducing reps of

Overhead barbell squats
Side to side hurdle jumps
Swissball rollouts
Handstand pushups
Run 4 lengths (50m each)

Reps were 21 18 15 and 12.

The overhead squats were done with a barbell held overhead, so that the arms were straight and the bar was directly over the head. I originally thought the bar plus ten pounds would be fine for me. After three squats, I was sure I was wrong. I dropped the weights and just used the bar. I had problems keeping the bar directly over my head. I kept holding the bar slightly back, which allowed me to lean slightly forward, the bane of my squatting existence. I struggle to work the right set of squatting muscles every time, and compensensate by leaning forward. Such muscle weakness shows in my marking, too, unfortunately, so these lifts are important for me to perform right.

The side to side hurdle jumps were at two heights: 12" and 6". I did the first three sets at the lower height, once again because my knees have been achy, but also because my legs were (are) still exhausted from Monday's workout.

Today's swissball rollouts were different than Monday's rollups.. The rollout was started in a plank position with the ball under the arms, which were bent (e.g. with arms resting on the ball). The ball was then rolled backward to the point where only the hands were on the ball. The butt needs to go up into the air. That's one.

None of the four of us at class were able (well, willing in the case of Breanne) to do the full handstand pushups against the wall. I remember doing them with Gino, but I had a spotter when we did them. Instead, we put our feet on a jump block, and angled ourselves so that we were as close to the block as we could be, essentially doing a handstand pushup, but with greater range of motion since we had less weight on our shoulders.

I wasn't able to run the runs full out, so I had to settle for a fast, first five steps.

I am way sore. While I rather like the sore feeling, I don't like my achilles hurting as much as it has over the last few days. It's really starting to bother me a lot.