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Can't have a vacation without goals


These days, it's hard for me to do anything without a purpose. Even relaxing has to have a purpose (to relax, recharge, gather energy for the next sprint). I can't recall any event in my life recently that I did just to do, without a goal in mind. If I thought about it hard, maybe I could think of something that I just did to do (pet the dog maybe?).

Given that set of statements, I can say that, of course, I've thought about this vacation in those terms. Susan at dinner tonight commented that a friend of hers calls the Grand Canyon "the womb of Mother Earth," because "no one comes out unchanged." I know that I'd like to fix some things with me on this trip. Not that I expect to change my life in a week. I would, however, like to gain some perspective on it during this trip.

So, I'd like to first off, break this crazy sugar addiction I have. I'm really tired of grabbing the candy mid afternoon, or the chocolate just before bed. That sort goes along with the change of not eating until I'm stuffed (though I'm not sure how that'll work down in the Canyon). But, more about not mindlessly eating either.

I'd also like to think about life, and what I want to accomplish in the next few years. That includes work as well as personal. Kris talked recently about moving to Maine "to start over." I hadn't known that he felt like a new start would be nice, but I'm glad that he's at least considering change, something I've not known him likely to do.

Gee, if I can manage it, I'd also like to worry less (what if there are flash floods in the side canyons? what if I fall off the boat? twist an ankle? fall off a mountain?), and be more accepting of myself along the way.

Why, yes, I am hoping for a miracle on this vacation. Why do you ask?