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I find you interesting


As I was checking my email this morning, I noticed this email come through:

Now, I don't know any Nathan Montgomery, and I haven't been any place recently where I would have met someone new, say at a conference or meet-up or networking or developer event, and forgotten that I had met this said Nathan. Although meeting new people is fun, I'm 100% sure this wasn't a new person I met.

I recognize the purpose of spam subject lines is to lure the recipient into opening the email. Given that I read my email in a mail reader that is beyond old, I'm not particularly worried about accidently unleashing a virus onto my system, so the fact that the message is clearly a spam message with that subject line doesn't bother me.

However, there's that bit of flattery in that subject line that just begs that message to be opened.

"I find you interesting."

Could there possibly be a better pickup line? To have someone find me interesting has to be one of the most flattering compliments I think I could receive.

I think I'll leave that email a mystery, unopened.