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Protein shakes


I drink a lot of protein shakes.

I've never been a particular fan of lots of protein in my diet, which is why the protein shakes became much of a necessity for me. A nutritionist I went to a few years ago commented on it when I brought my food log in. "Do you eat protein?" she asked, looking over my journal, finding maybe one entry of meat in the week.

After recovering from a depression later determined to be triggered by a low-protein diet, I started drinking protein shakes regularly. And in the drinking of the shakes, I started looking for good protein supplements to eat.

Whey protein is the cheapest and usually of the lowest quality (read: digestability). Since I have a wheat allergy, whey protein is out.

Soy protein adds too many estrogens to my diet, and I'm happy with a low estrogen level, so soy protein was out.

So, I went looking for alternatives. Egg whites as a protein source are supposed to be the best protein: easily digested, no hormonal side effects. All good, right?

Tastes like crap. Couldn't get through the one container I purchased.

Okay, so I tried others: rice protein and hemp protein being the two recent trials. I like the rice protein a lot, finishing that one up fairly quickly. The hemp protein I wasn't so sure about.

Especially when I mixed it this morning.

Really now, green I could handle.

Protein settling to the bottom I could handle, too.

I couldn't handle the taste, though.

Ended up dumping out the last third, after choking down the first two thirds.


I think I'll go back to rice protein. Maybe try soy again.