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Water fight non-participant


Well, as they're fond of saying down here, "If you're hot, you're stupid." And nothing better to cool you down than a good, old fashioned water fight.

Today's water fight was Kris and Andy with buckets in the front, against Sam and his bucket in a boat with Pat rowing. Justin in his kayak joined in at one point, with Josh splashing with his oars. Travis snuck around and snagged a bucket from the back of Josh's boat when I wasn't paying attention.

At some point, I was handed a water gun, but was completely uncoordinated with it, needing to brace the end on my stomach, clench my stomach, then pull with both hands on the barrel to get any sort of distance with the water, and that distance wasn't great. Buckets were much more effective.

I stopped a little ways into the fight, after finding the gun ineffective. I was a little annoyed at Michael for continuing to splash me with his oars, even though I had stopped being a participant. Eventually, the fight moved to another couple boats with Dave and Tracy slinging water around and Julie stuck in the middle of the torrents as another non-participant. I guess there aren't really any non-participants in Canyon water fights.

In the end, the water splashing was quite refreshing.