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Great timing that


Well, finally arrived home this evening and started looking through our mail. The usual 10 times more junk mail than "real" mail. Of course, that "real" mail is about 95% bills, so I'm so sure about how much of this mail I'd like to actually receive. No, I take that back, I know exactly how much of this mail I'd like to receive, and it's none.

One of the surprises in the mail was a big box. I didn't recognize the return address, but it was addressed to me, instead of Kris, so I opened it.

Oh, look. My new hiking shoes.

Turns out, the shoes I went down to the Grand Canyon in, the ones I tripped twice in hiking down the Bright Angel train in, the ones that Sam said were much too slippery to be useful when hiking or scrambling over wet stones, the ones that I regretted bringing, weren't even the ones I intended to bring down in the first place.

I HAD bought a pair of low hiking shoes. The trail running shoes I bought and took down were for trail running. Somehow in the whirlwind before I left, I had forgotten which shoes I had ordered for which purpose.

I guess it's time to go hiking on some trails to break these new shoes in. Wish they had arrived BEFORE I left for the Canyon.