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Not the intended way


I've been intending to lose about ten pounds or so for the last year. I haven't been having much luck until this week. I can honestly say that being completely stressed, heart thumping, head aching, gut wrenching stressed is so way not the way to go about losing the weight.

I'm down about three pounds from not eating, this week alone. This is so way not healthy. For the record, I despise people who abuse my good graces, treat me like shit, subject me to verbal abuse, then expect me to "play nice." A note to said people: you don't have the upper hand, don't think you do.

I feel like there's just so much death around me at this moment. Jessica told me a few days ago that her mom was going into the hospital. Kragen has a message about his cousin's husband having a heart attack at age 39. Statistically speaking, I've already lived longer than most women in the history of the world, but not yet to even half my expected lifetime, nor even a third of my intended life span of 120 years, but, geez, is the thought weighing on my mind. I suspect it has to do with the circumstances around, and the stress I'm feeling.

Note to future self, said people above were Elizabeth and Ryan, may they rot in hell when their asshattery backfires back upon them.