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Top ten reasons to shave your head




1. You never have a bad hair day
2. The savings on shampoo!
3. No need to bring out the hairdryer
4. Navy SEALs salute you.
5. Everyone calls you sir!
6. Your head feels really cool when you rub it
7. Opportunities to explore self confidence issues
8. Trichotillomania attacks have no effect.
9. Daycare reports about head lice don't faze you.
10. Because everyone should once in her life because she chooses to, not because life forces her to.
11. The wind feels different.
12. No hair makes your eyes look bigger.
13. Rides in convertibles don't require hats or scarves.
14. No hair clots in the drain!

Having spent weeks talking about it, I decided to just do it instead of thinking about it. Feels so good.