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And again with the velocity


This morning's workout was three rounds of:

20 kettleball swings
40 one-armed kettleball swings, 20 each side
40 lateral box jumps, 20 each side
20 box jumps

Given that I've been feeling sick for the last day, I wasn't too excited about anything other than the warmup at the workout, and even that was difficult. I'm trying to recover from the quad pull from practice a week ago, and I forgot my properly cut-up running shoes that don't jam my achilles, and this whole workout was a recipe for disaster.

I started with the lateral jumps, jumping up sideways to the second lowest box. On the regular box jumps, I moved up to the next box height, but didn't start looking up (instead of watching my feet) until the second round.

The first 20 kettleball swings, no problem. The one-armed kettleball swings? Problem. I had to drop down to a 10# weight from the 17# kettleball for that one.

At round 2 or so I was moving so slowly that by round 3 my lateral box jumps became stepups. Slowly. Yeah, understatement. Everyone cleaned up the weights before I could finish my workout. No, THAT's not discouraging, why do you ask?