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Rockin' the bear crawls


This morning's workout was two rounds (yeah, Breanne's going easy on us) of:

50 kettleball swings
40 overhead thrusts
30 situps
20 pushups
10 burpees
5 lengths (20m) of bear crawls

We had only two rounds because previous classes couldn't finish three rounds of the workout. Clearly Kris isn't in the class. There was a new girl in the class, who received a jolting introduction to Velocity. I'm not sure why anyone starts in the morning classes with Breanne, as tough as she is. It's like jumping into ice cold water just after waking up under a pile of warm comforters. The day after you learned to swim.

They should just have new people come in the evenings. More likely to retain new customers that way, instead of the morning workouts scaring them off.

Yeah, so, I'm finally able, if I warm up both slowly and enough, to run again. The transition from not being able to run and being able to run was really abrupt. I managed to jack my achilles on the last day of the Canyon trip, running up a sand hill "because it was there" (yes, the actual answer to Kris' question, "Why would you do that?"), so wasn't expecting to run for another six weeks again. However, lots of stretching, sandals, walking, more stretching, heat and ice, and what do you know, I managed my return to ultimate, though still no heavy impact plyometrics (box jumps and jumping jacks are still out).

So, on the warmups this morning, I was able to run at my 100% and keep up with Kris for the first three steps of the 100% warmup runs. Of course, when he runs the 100% at 82%, I can almost keep up, too.

I managed to complete the first set of kettleball swings in one go, all 50 in a row. The second set was 15, 29 and 6. The overhead thrusts, even with the lightest bar, I had no hopes of doing in one set. I opted for four sets of 10 for both rounds. The situps were easy, no problem there. The pushups I had to do from the knees, having exhausted my arms in the thrusts. And the burpees? Oh good lord, I was barely jumping in the second round. The first round's burpees I did fairly well, but still did the pushup part from my knees.

Now, the bear crawls, oh, boy, there I SHINED! I am at a serious biomechanical advantage on bear crawls, let me tell you. Never before has a long torso been so desirable! Two hands and two feet on the floor, facing down (facing up is a crab walk), move forward on all fours. With the short legs, my butt doesn't stick up waaaaaaay in the air like, say, Paul's or Kris', and I'm able to practically jog down the turf on all fours, limited only by how fast my hands can ove. Breanne can actually sprint on all fours, which I'll have to build up to. My bear walking pace, however, is as twice as fast as everyone else's in the class.

Rock on, long torso!