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The honeymoon at Doyle's work is definitely over. Last week, Doyle let me know that he had brought lunch in. He was also stressed enough with what he was working on that he wasn't able/willing to go to get lunch with me. He did offer to loan me his car, which I declined in favor of walking to the local corporate cafe. Doyle has, however, been feeding me, too, bringing extra lunches for me, too.

Now that I've been there a couple months, and I have a certain level of comfort, I've started noticing the company and the people. There is definitely the full gamut of society at the company.

Take, for instance, the woman with an office just outside the lavatory hallway. She has a window that looks out into the hallway. Not that she actually looks out into the hallway through that window. She has it covered with all sorts of posters, with one little section where she can probably see movement as people whiz by her door, but not enough to actually recognize the persons.

This woman keeps her office door locked when she's not in the office. Compulsively. She locks the door when she goes to the lavatory, doesn't just shut her door, she locks it. She locks it when she walks to the kitchen. She locks it when she steps out for a moment. The office is locked 99% of the time she isn't in it. I suspect she might be the main HR person, and have sooper seekrit paperwork in her office.

Her office is locked only 99% of the time, right? Yeah. When the janitor cleans out the office, he not only leaves the door wide open when he cleans, but also wide open and unlocked when he steps away to dump the trash bin. I suspect the office resident would be upset to know about the Unlocked Door.

And there's this other website developer. She's the only other female developer in the company, as far as I can tell, which isn't saying much, as I work on only one of two floors, and there might be another woman programmer SOMEWHERE in the company, but I've seen just the two of us. Now, this other female developer, she wears this REALLY loud shoes. Well, boots. You can hear the woman walking from the other side of the building, they're so loud.

I love them. I want a pair.

I realized today that the shoes aren't the only thing this other female developer does loud(ly - though "loud" sounds better than "loudly").

She also pees loudly.

VERY loudly.

Nothing like three women in adjacent stalls trying to outpee each other to inspire a post.