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I hate that dog


There are times when I really hate that dog. She's developed a habit in the last month or so of whining. She whines all the time: when she wants breakfast (which is always about 2 hours before either of us are even thinking about waking up; when she's in her crate wanting food; when we're eating dinner and not feeding her. Her food obsession seems to be worse as of late, which is surprising as she eats a half dozen apples with a few pears thrown in.

Kris and I were heading over to Andy's last night, for dinner, hot tub and rat water shooting. I've been on a pie kick these last few weeks, and made four personal sized pies for dinner tonight. After packing up the food bags, and setting the pies on the dining table, I walked outside to put the first load into the car. When I walked back in, Kris was yelling at the dog. A few seconds later, I realized why.

She started eating the pie.


From the table.

I hate that dog.


I have a Golden Retriever-Border Collie Mix who's 3, and she's done the same thing. They sure are sneaky! Only she didn't eat a pie--she ate an entire half of a large pizza. And then proceeded to growl at me when I tried to lock her in her cage. She's also eaten a whole stick of butter, and climbed on the counter and stole an entire steak before. *oh pets*