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I watch various terms in Google's index via their Alerts program. One of the termis I watch is "kitt," mostly to see if what I write here actually ends up indexed for the term kitt. I'd say 29 of 30 times, it doesn't.

However, other Kitts have managed a better "kitt" showing. In particular, Kittbo's daily posts make Google Alerts for "kitt" daily. Oh, I wish I cared about my search engine ranking enough to figure out what to change on my site so that I have such similar success.

That Kitt's post today included an announcement of this being National Blog Writing Month, or NaBloWriMo, which I keep reading as na-BLOW-ree-moh when I see it written in all lowercase letters: nablowrimo.

Regardless, it's an inspirational "post every day this month" event. Given how much the month of July burned me out with its 117 posts (giving me more posts this year so far than all of last year), despite August and September having huge gaps in my daily memory, I think I could use the motivation.

So, here goes. One a day for the next 30 (hey, this counts as one!).