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Three! No, two!


Just when I thought I had Chipotle figured out. Andy pointed out to me that Chipolte serves humanely raised meat, making it a restaurant where he could eat meat, his meat diet being restricted to humanely raised animals only. I, too, adopted the humanely raised only meat diet before I switched to a pesci-vegetarian diet.

So, Chipolte is a favored restaurant.

Used to be, when I ordered my vegetarian hardshell tacos, I'd order three, instead of the four that came in the normal vegetarian order. The people behind the counter kept telling me they'd have to charge me for the four tacos. I was I was fine with their charging me for four, both because purchasing 3 individual tacos was five cents more, and because I would just throw out the four taco, so why bother wasting it?

Well, Chipotle recently changed from four hardshell tacos in an order to three slightly larger tacos. Which is unfortunate, as I can no longer finish the three tacos, but two aren't enough to fill me up. So, now, instead of just decreasing my order and eating less, I'll need to waste a sixth of the food I've ordered.

Good thing my dogs are vegetarian, too.