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This time, Joe at Velocity


Joe, a coworker of Kris', joined us this morning at Velocity. Breanne decided to let us off easy this morning, provided you weren't Joe and knew what to expect. After Monday's workout, I needed something easy (where "easy" is relative).

This morning's workout was 3 rounds of:

30 box jumps
30 kettleball swings
8 lengths of running

I did my first two sets of box jumps on the 3rd highest box, which is also the third lowest box. It's about 18" high, so not the maximum height I've trained at before, but a height I was comfortable jumping three sets of 30 after running. I did the last set at the 12" box, but only because I was in a hurry to catch up with eveyrone else.

The kettleball swings were normal.

I managed to run the first two sets of 8 lengths (which are really 8 x 50m shuttles) at a good clip: good form, knees high, crank out the meters no problem. The last set? I needed to run behind someone to pace me, just to keep moving.

Joe did pretty well, smiling and laughing through most of the workout, jokingly complaining about how hard it was. He told me after class that he works out 4-5 times a week in the gym and doesn't feel as tired as he did at the end of class. He ended up signing up for a few classes. I don't know if he signed up for the monthly membership or just a 10x deal. Kris wasn't sure either, but was surprised that he signed up, as "the gym at work is free." Kris' motivation is to workout with me, I think.

Me? I find group workouts far more compelling than working out alone in the gym. I'm glad Kris and I are still going to the classes.