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Begins with an F


Can someone please tell me how to get my fridge to look like Dad and Linda's fridge?

I mean, LOOK at it. It's perfect. Everything is lined up. It's clean. There's no moldy cheese in there. There are no rotting vegetables, or the shortening bought for three pie crusts but only one was made and that one was enough because all butter crusts are better.

It even has ketchup in it, something my fridge has been lacking for years.

Speaking of fridges, I remember back in kindergarten having to circle all the items in a list of pictures that began with the letter R. I recall circling the rat (though, it could have been a mouse, now that I think about it), and the rake (that one was obvious). I didn't circle the refrigerator, and managed to get that one wrong.

I complained (yeah, I know you're surprised at that).

The teacher pointed to the the picture of the fridge and asked me what it was. When I said it's a "fridge", she paused, then marked it correct. She told me no, it was a REfrigeRATOR, but, for what I knew, I was correct.

Yeah. Damn fridge.